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I'm Kris Karafotas and I want to welcome you to The Learning Center at Market With Kris! I have a passion for providing people with tools and resources to help them succeed in their marketing efforts. I believe in building relationships and trust first and foremost! Because of the relationships that I have built and the knowledge I have gained over the last 18 years in the marketing arena, I have been fortunate to discover how to help many people make money and develop their business.

I can help you by providing valuable training, resources, coaching and motivation that will help you succeed!

I devote a lot of time at IBOtoolbox, where I am known as the "IBOtrainer" conducting weekly webinars, producing video tutorials and publishing a weekly newsletter for the marketing platform. I am also a graphic designer and design custom banner ads, Facebook covers, splash pages, and other graphics for Internet marketers. Make sure to take some time to read the testimonials from some of the members! I look forward to sharing my knowledge, creativity and passion in helping you succeed!

About This Site

The Learning Center at Market With Kris will open up a whole new learning experience for you! Whether you are new to Internet marketing or a veteran marketer, the Learning Center Marketing Courses have been designed with you in mind! To start with, I'll walk you through  IBOtoolbox and its family of websites giving you step by step instruction so you can maximize your efforts on the platform. Inside the members' area you'll have access to the member forum where you can interact and engage with other members, ask for help and more!   Your membership at The Learning Center at Market With Kris is FREE! You can go through courses at any speed you like! If you forget where you left off, no worries - The Learning Center tracks your progress for you on each course so it can tell you where you need to begin! Additional courses are available such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, visual marketing, online reputation, why first impressions really matter and more, you can preview what is available below on this page!  My goal is to provide you with ongoing value to help you succeed in your marketing efforts!

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Member Testimonials

     Kris has been with us since the beginning - we wouldn't be where we are today without her training and dedication to IBO! The members have come to rely on her to get the training that is essential to be successful in their marketing efforts! IBOtoolbox Management Team

I was a complete newbie! I didn’t know where to begin. Kris is just fabulous! I have learned so much, thank you! Mary P., Ohio

By tapping into this system, I am extremely confident that whatever you are looking to achieve you CAN and WILL achieve!   Keil, Norway

Before I joined IBO I really hadn't written an article and didn't have many technical skills and was still learning. I just wanted to let you know your training is working in a big way, and to let you know you're very much appreciated. Along with your testimony that you when you started you had to teach yourself everything, that motivated me!  Robin Robinson

Kris is a totally positive person and her vibes rub off onto us all. Follow everything Kris tells you and your success is assured. For us at least the future is Bright! Roger, UK

I have known Kris for quite some time now and when it comes to support, leadership or even just somebody to talk with…..She is the real deal. Dennis, USA

I have known Kris for about 6 years now and she is absolutely the best to work with. If she says she will help you that’s exactly what she’ll do. I am really excited about the training and strategies I will get for being a member! So much time and effort has been put into making things as simple as possible for the members. All we have to do is follow what has already been proven to work. What more could we possibly ask for? Melody, Marengo, IL

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SECTION 1: IBOtoolbox - Main Menu

Lesson 1:



Lesson 2:

Edit Profile - Basic Information


Lesson 3:

Step 4 - How To Add The IBOcontributor Badge


Lesson 4:

What is ClubIBO


Lesson 5:

Step 5 - Customizing Your IBOsocial Front Page


Lesson 6:

Step 6 - How To Add Business Links To Your Profile


Lesson 7:

Step 7 - How To Add Your Social Networks


Lesson 8:

Step 8 - How To Add Videos To Your Profile


Lesson 9:

Step 9 - Monetizing Your Profile


Lesson 10:

A Completed IBOsocial Profile


Lesson 11:

Account Settings


Lesson 12:

IBOtoolbox's OnTrack Feature


Lesson 13:

How to Post a New Wall Entry


Lesson 14:

How To Comment on a Wall Post


Lesson 15:

How To Utilize the IBO Wall Filters


Lesson 16:

How To Comment on a Press Release or Video


Lesson 17:

How To Associate


Lesson 18:

How To Accept Associate Invitations


Lesson 19:

How To Send and Reply To Messages


Lesson 20:

My Leads Overview


Lesson 21:

How To Use The IBOsearch Feature

SECTION 2: The Credit Center

Lesson 22:

Introduction to the IBOtoolbox Credit Center


Lesson 23:

How To Redeem Credit Coupons


Lesson 24:

How To Convert Credits


Lesson 25:

How To Earn Free Credits


Lesson 26:

How To Purchase Credits

SECTION 3: IBOtoolbox Advertising

Lesson 27:

How To Create A Listing Ad


Lesson 28:

How To Set Up a Banner Ad

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